I’m quite new at this blogging thing, so I need help with the review section. I want to write more reviews but I think a list might be more helpful and professional looking, so if any of you guys knows how I can create an alphabetical list of books I’ve read and reviewed….that’ll be awesome, thanks in advance 🙂


2 thoughts on “Question????????????????

  1. Sandy says:

    Well what most people do if not all (including myself) is that we add a new page (blogger allows you to have a max of 10 pages) and then we list all the titles of books we've reviewed and then link the title back to review posted.

    Here is how mines is set up

    Publishers have also recommended book blogs to have a review policy on their blogs so publishers and authors will know what books you like to read, don't like to read, what formats you accept, how to contact you etc.

    Here is my review policy also set up on its own page.

    Hope this helps and welcome to the book blogging world!

    My WoW


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