J.K. Rowling names Dumbledore her favorite character

J.K. Rowling has not been shy about filling in the blanks of the Harry Potter universe since the series ended. The author has become famous for answering fan questions about everything from characters’ birthdays to Hogwarts tuition costs. But her latest revelation has more to do with personal taste than world-building. When a fan asked Rowling on Monday who her favorite non-Harry character was, she replied simply, “Dumbledore.”

The reply came in the midst of Rowling’s explanation for Dumbledore’s mention in the new Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them trailer, but it also makes sense in general. One of Rowling’s biggest after-the-fact revelations was about Dumbledore’s sexuality, and she recently used the character to explain her opposition to an Israel boycott. The sock-loving Hogwarts Headmaster is clearly a character Rowling thinks a lot about — in one of her other tweets, she described Dumbledore’s thinking regarding Newt Scamander as identical to her own. It is, after all, Dumbledore’s voice which delivers most of the series’ most memorable lines. Now we just have confirmation. 

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