What Diversity means to me is the inclusion of those who have been excluded from literary narrative with the fear that it wont sell as well as the traditional narrative. Growing up in the Bronx, virtually no bookstores in sight and no one advocating for their voices to be replicated into permanent text, wasn’t a concept or a thought to us. Reading for most kids wasn’t a grand adventure but a task they had to do for school. Now, more and more kids are reading and discovering the creative platform that is fiction. Promoting reading of any kind is a good thing, but more importantly, promoting voices that can be easily identifiable to kids and young adults is the most important aspects of what fiction and reading is all about. I enjoy all kinds of books, but I am starting to see a pattern of books that generally sound the same. Looking for books that represent African American girls as heroes or Puerto Rican girls finding their way in life are books that would have been more relatable to me growing up. I want to be able to provide that voice and those printed words for kids growing up in the Bronx who love to read or any kid for that matter who feel that they are being included in books just like everyone else. So these are my brief thoughts on diversity in books, coming from an obsessed book lover.


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