Never forgive those who haven’t apologize and never forget the things that were meant to be said

We have someone in the Presidency that does not represent the core of humanity and the people around him are shadowing the real values that America should always stand for. One should never praise an over current of evil that has plagued America and that has never been cured. We live in a world where cruelty and evil has diminished the little good that was left by leaders that advocated for equal justice and the basic human rights that should be born with every human being. No one should accept racism and hate as there next-door neighbor or fear that the difference they represent should be prosecuted in public. Many of us don’t have the luxury of being part of the exception but we continue to reap in our inheritance of revolutionary vision for a better future for those who have yet to live in the real world. To be a child right now might seem like a blessing. Yet, they too have succumbed to the darkness that blinds the sun and cast doubt on the moon; where dreams aren’t full of rainbows and unicorns but fears that tomorrow will never be a better day. How can we look at each other, our kids and say this is what America accepted. This is what has been invited into our homes. Not my choice but by those who savagely seek to reprimand and kill the new America, where diversity is key to a better world. Sitting back, waiting and watching isn’t an option for many people. The leaders in Washington are downplaying the right to be fearful of the unknown, to question our place because our new president has shown that we do not belong here based on the color of our skin or the religion we choose to practice. We have to continue to educate ourselves, educate others and provide a necessary platform for those to do the same. We must protest, not only with our voices but also with action. Seek out leaders in your community that share the same values and future because our time is almost up and we must fight for the future of our kids. People who say that protesters are being babies for not getting their way. I don’t agree. It’s more than that. Half of America is protesting the Democratic Party. They are protesting hate and racism. That to me isn’t crying because you didn’t get your way, it’s making sure that this isn’t a new wave of politics. I rather protest for the next 4 years then allow myself to conform to ideals that should never be apart of anyone’s ideologies. I don’t care what anyone says, racism, hate, bigotry, sexism, xenophobia should never be apart of the fabric of America. I want to continue on the right path, the right side of history that was left behind by Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali and many others that were, are and continue to be great leaders. I believe that education is the key to any success that you want to achieve. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Global History from John Jay College of criminal justice and I would like to go back and continue my education with a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Administration. I’ve never asked for help but it doesn’t hurt to try. I want to be a product of change and with that I asked you to help me do so. Any donation will help and I want to thank you all for listening.





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