To Authors and Publishers
I am very interested in reviewing new books. I strive to always give my honest opinion and promote only the best books! I will do everything I can to get reviews out when they are requested. I read mostly YA (young adult) titles and that ranges from paranormal, romance, fantasy, chick lit, etc. 
What I will review: I am open to reviewing books that are young adult, paranormal, chick lit, fantasy, supernatural, and humor.  This blog will be largely focused on teen books. However, if you have a book you think I might enjoy, send away! I will let you know if I think I can give it an honest review. 
My Reviews: My reviews will include the book cover, publisher/general book information (hardback/paperback, pages, target audience). I also include the release date and summary of the book and a link to Buy the book (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and The Book Depository unless requested otherwise). Then I will post my own summary and review, along with the rating. In some cases I will post some information about the author or other promotion materials (websites, book trailers, widgets, contests). My rating system for reviews is listed below.

I will read the book(s) and post reviews as soon as I can. If you have a particular date you would like the review to be published, please let me know. I always enjoy really getting to know an author. I’m more than happy to add an author interview, guest post, or other feature around the same date as my review.

E-books/Self-published: I am open to reviewing e-books as well as Self-Published books, anything that will help generate a buzz.

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